A……….To anyone who m…

To anyone who might read this, i got up this morn , glanced in the mirror on passing, something i try to avoid ,and there it was ,yip no change still very fat and feeling very ugly. On a more positive note my son ‘s wedding is in 2 weeks,i hate my outfit, but then i hate clothes in general, because no matter what you buy it never looks good on you,had a thought,lol yes us fat people do have thoughts and feelings , most of which the general popluation never get to hear , beacuse us fat people’s opinion doesn’t count,opps im waffling,sorry back to my thought ,GOK WAN yes he does slimming pants hahaha no chance of them working on me , well i take it back , got the Gok Wan’s out this afternoon ,and i couldnt believe it ,it didnt make me 2 sizes or even a size smaller ,but it did make the clothes sit beter on me , i feel a bit better  , so wedding here i come ,(anyway i believe i shine from the inside ),i am a nice person, would do a good turn for folks  at the drop of a hat ,anyway of out this even ,lol , something i dont often do either but needs must ——— keep watching this space xx


One thought on “A……….To anyone who m…

  1. Do you know A I always try to avoid a mirror unless it is for doing my make-up…. and then that doesn’t really do it… we are always trying to paint a picture as we look at others and to be something different… are we ever happy with ourselves!

    A… you are not ugly…. you have a beautiful heart… a beautiful smile and family and you do the right thing… but I know what you mean… and as for clothes…. oh lets not go there!

    I like that part about the public not thinking we have feelings as that is true they don’t think we do…they dictate what we wear and how we should think by what we wear… why not ask us for a change. Gok pants… well I have some of those… hard to get into and ermmm well I am not two sizes smaller.. hard to sit down in and well rather uncomfortable… but if you are standing there for the show.. yep fandabbydozy lol.

    So are we going to see the outfit A?

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