B…..On the bus

Wow the sun has come out and that does help this big body of mine to drag around. I was going to take a photo today and chop my head off so you can see where I am starting.

I say starting but…yep there is always a BUT isn’t there, always an excuse from a fat person not to start! Today is my nephews birthday and we are all going out for a meal and I have been looking forward to it. Also I want to speak to my dr too….but I know I can control my eating till I get to see him (the dr that is) well I think I can?!

Do I emotionally eat?….that’s a big fat yes!!!

So this is the dribble of me, how I get into the right frame of mine and basically what gets me there!

This time I know I have a good friend called A…she is a diamond in the rough….we have laughed and cried together over many thing over the years…..the best thing is honesty…I don’t lie but I know I can tell A anything and it is safe with her (and now we are sharing these things with you) there have been times I haven’t spoken to A for sometime and I have missed her terribly….but spirit have brought us together again and I am just so happy!!!

Reason to slim….So my heart doesn’t sink when I look in the mirror

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