B… here on post two!

I thought I would wake with a more positive mind today after feeling so low last night and thinking this is it I have to do something…..but that didn’t happen.  I was running late and this didn’t get me off to a great start.

At least there was no rain so I guess I should be grateful for that…. I have dragged my hefty body along the street to catch the one of two buses where I need to get to work.  The right bus came so I got into town quicker but I had to carry a lap top as well as a bag and my blobby body… geesh… where is there a gent when you want one!

Busy day… feeling stressed… everyone moaning and new signs to be done for the office front… the designers send through a photo of what they have done and OMG there is a picture of me… the fat short blob… I felt so ashamed and wanted to die and the ground to open and swallow me up.

I get home to find the usual cleaning to be done… and finish of dinner as I had planned ahead with a curry in the slow cooker so rice was all that was needed.  But you just find that the day seems to go on and on and you get more and more tired and my back is killing me…. again!

Tablets taken and I am now sat on my fat arse again… but here I am writing this blog and with my foot stroking the rabbit… so multi tasking….


Reason to lose weight:  To start my life again

One thought on “B… here on post two!

  1. I am a bit luckier than you, i dont have to go out and do a days work , my many conditions wouldnt let me, but please don’t think its all about my weight, it is a big part and something has to be done to change my life , our i will be appearing on tv, in need of a hoist to get me to hospital appointments .I need help , so off to the doc next week to see what he can do for the clinicaly obese , person ………… more to follow

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